Invest in Santa Marta

Why you should you invest in Santa Marta?

Santa Marta´s privileged geostrategic location, ideal climatic conditions, regional articulation, port facilities, new infrastructure and ingrowing tourism makes it an ideal destination for new endeavors, business opportunities and investments.

Other features include:

  • Opportunities in strategic sector such as agroindustry, tourism, construction, real estate, and logistics
  • Connectivity to strategic regional markets and growing commercial relations abroad.
  • Ideal biophysical and climatic factors.
  • Quality and cost of living.
  • 3 national natural parks.
  • 2 world biosphere reserves.
  • 40,000 HA of soils for fruit crops.
  • Logistical infrastructure and exceptional accessibility.
  • 4 free trade zones.
  • Workforce availability.

Post pandemic economic reactivation, and social and labor inclusion.

Santa Marta created the Santa Marta Vaccinated and Bio secure Destination campaign and has implemented different strategies to drive the economic reactivation and mitigate the pandemic’s negative effects to transition to a greater and safer opening stage and productive and economic continuity.

During 2021, the commerce, tourism, gastronomy, and transportation sectors report growth comparative (2020) growth indicators above 20%, (Fenalco, Cotelco and Acodres).

Hotel occupancy has peaked during 2021 averaging an 80% accumulated average occupancy and reaching higher levels during peaks seasons. The gastronomic sector has benefited greatly as well. According to information provided by Restaurant Associations (Acodres), the 20 main restaurants in the city grew more than 50%, compared to 2019 indicators, and other key sectors like construction grew 20% and 24% in 2020 and 2021, respectively, creating more than 15 thousand jobs.

The unemployment rate (August – October 2021) was 12.9%, -6.7% vs 2020 period.

Public and private sectors are collaborating to encourage vaccination by handing discount vouchers in many companies and stores to people that have their full vaccination scheme; and prioritize vaccination in vulnerable areas and among vulnerable population.

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