The amazing sunsets, landscapes, varied accommodation, qualified wedding planners and comparatively much lower costs to Cartagena provide a mix that is positioning Santa Marta as a top beach wedding destination.

Santa Marta is an ideal destination wedding location, as it offers much more than just beaches and palm trees. It’s steeped in culture, a fun-loving, laid-back atmosphere, a wide range of accommodations and complimentary activities, provide a full package.

Santa Marta can be one of the most affordable wedding destinations among Colombian capital cities, with added values considering the tropical background without sacrificing modern urban alternatives, such as typical high-end celebrations at the Santa Marta Club.

Wedding Venues

 Santa Marta has the right venue, regardless of the magnitude of the event and size of the wedding list. Here are some conventional alternatives:

  • Church Wedding – In case you´re looking for a Catholic celebration, several unique churches are available. However, the Santa Marta Cathedral stands out. Please note you must provide both a baptism and confirmation certificates to carry on with your wedding plans.
  • High-end hotel on the beach – several luxury hotels and glamping in the city´s northern region is rapidly becoming popular destinations for beach weddings. A fine mix between laid-back and glamour make this a popular alternative. 
  • Private colonial house – picturesque colonial houses can turn into amazing wedding settings.

 Local weeding planners are easily found online and can provide a set of alternatives to plan the wedding of your dreams. Make sure you visit the city and experience every scenario beforehand and plan timely. Try to avoid high season peaks as accommodation availability and costs might be an issue, depending on the size of your guest list.

Indigenous weddings

Unique ceremonies are taking place in the Sierra. Indigenous weddings have become increasingly popular due to its symbolism and respect for mother nature. Ceremonies are performed by Mamos, spiritual leaders from the communities of the Sierra Nevada. The couple marries in a traditional hut or in a private area of some of the city´s premium hotels. This a highly spiritual and personal ceremony where only the couple is present.

The wedding consists of several steps: 

  • Confession: is a space for the couple to connect their thoughts with nature. 
  • Cleansing: is a time to surrender thoughts to mother nature to cleanse the couple of both negative and positive thoughts.
  • Offerings: consists of practicing gratitude and giving back spiritually to mother earth.

The ceremony comes to an end as the Mamo places yarn fibers in hands and feet of husband and wife to bring balance to their life and align the energy of the earth, sun, and the moon. 

The whole event lasts approximately 2 hours and can take place at any time of the year.