Best Sunrise and Sunset spots in Minca

Los Pinos

Los Pinos (pine trees) is one of the most popular sunset spots in the region. The amazing Sierra Mountain range landscape all the way to the coast and Santa Marta makes it a great viewpoint and popular destination for photographers and visitors avoiding crowds. You can reach Los Pinos by foot, which usually take 2.5 – 3.5 hours (mid-level difficulty), moto (40 minutes / $35.000) or 4×4 with larger groups.

Cerro Kennedy

Cerro Kennedy is a mountainous formation that is located at an altitude of 3,100 meters above sea level. It presents a forest covered with fog and hundreds of endemic, common and migratory birds that make it an ideal place for bird watching. The hill also offers one of the best views and one of the most famous sunrise spots in the country, with the snow-capped peaks Bolívar and Colón in the background. It takes at least a day to hike up and is recommended for experienced hikers or you can book a 4×4 sunrise trip leaving at 3:00 am from Minca at $700.000 (4-6 people)