Minca is the main birdwatching destination in Santa Marta, and probably in Colombia and South America. As noted above, Colombia is the country with the largest number of bird species in the world, equivalent to 36%, which makes it a destination frequented by amateur and professional observers. The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta occupies 1.48% of the country’s and 0.011% of the planet´s surface, respectively. 35.45% of the bird species in Colombia have been registered in the Sierra, equivalent to about 7 % of the world’s birds species (ProSIerra). In the Sierra Nevada there is an Area of ​​Endemism of Birds and Areas of Importance for the Conservation of Birds (AICAS). 

Custom made tours are frequently arranged or you can join tours starting at $300.000. Check with local operators as prices vary depending on the season, duration, rental, overnight stays, etc.