Cabo San Juan

Cabo San Juan the most popular beach in the Tayrona National Park and one of the most visited countrywide. Turquoise water, white fine sand and beautiful palm trees are part of this picturesque destination.

Cabo San Juan is located 2 hours away (if you take the shuttle at the entrance) by hiking from El Zaino entrance and 3.5 hours hiking from El Calabazo. Is very common to see wildlife during the hikes, especially in low seasons of right after the Tayrona Respira closures.

 Both beaches of Cabo San Juan are swimmable, considering most beaches are not swimmable inside the park, and snorkeling activities are popular among visitors.

Cañaveral – Arrecifes – Arenilla – La Piscina – Cabo San 

The most popular one-day alternative when visiting Tayrona is hiking to Cabo San Juan:

Where to sleep

  • Camping: In Cabo San Juan there is a wide range of tents, with mattresses (not very neat), which cost $ 70,000 – $ 100,000 per night for two people.
  • Hammocks: There are several areas with hammocks available for rent (one of them on top of the rocks that divide the two beaches) where you can sleep for $ 50,000 to $ 70,000 per person.
  • Bungalow in Playa Brava: In Playa Brava there are simple cabins to stay, and the costs vary according to the seasons.

Ecohabs: For the most comfortable accommodation in Tayrona National Park, Ecohabs Tayrona is your best choice. Located in Cañaveral beach, this is the only high-end stay at the park, where travelers can enjoy cozy bungalows good for up to 4 people. From Ecohabs Tayrona guests may easily explore the rest of Tayrona National Park, choosing from a variety of activities such as bird watching, trekking to the ancient ruins of the Tayrona tribes, or simply taking long walks along the different beaches of the park, as Arrecifes, Cabo San Juan del Guía, La Piscina, etc.