Paso del Mango & Cacao Tour

Paso del Mango

Paso del Mango has beautiful scenery located 500 meters above sea level in the middle of the Sierra mountains. This place is a great option to enjoy natural pools and crystal-clear rivers without having to worry about huge crowds. The paths are packed with mango trees, which give this area its name, but these are just one of many agricultural products in the area. Farms and homeowners have set up private tours so people can enjoy and take part of the process of taking cacao and coffee from farm to table. Visitors get the chance to experience how daily activities unfold and buy souvenirs of their own making like ground coffee or cacao cakes.

Activities include: 

  • A trip to the vicinity of Bonda 
  • Visit to a cocoa farm
  • Visit the Caoba reserve to observe the flora and fauna of the Sierra Nevada area (we will observe animals such as: crocodiles turtles, marmosets, macaws, etc.)
  • Visit to the Indian Bridge (built by the Kogi) and 2 huts that recreate home of indigenous communities in the Sierra Nevada.
  • Visit fish farming pools and others to observe the Pirarucu (also known as the King of the Amazon).

Visit to the Pozo del Indio for baths and meditation sessions.

Cacao / Chocolate Tour

Guided tour of the chocolate farm for 2 hours to experience the cocoa transformation process.

  • Visit Cacao plantation.
  • Learn how they plant, collect, clean, dry and make homemade organic cocoa.
  • Buy chocolate and thus support the local economy.
  • Relaxing chocolate-based massage and then a fun immersion.